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Prof Arup Bose

Professor Bootstrap Method, Large Dimensional Random Matrice... View Profile

Prof Amartya Kumar Dutta

Professor Commutative Algebra, History of Mathematics... View Profile

Prof Alok Goswami

Professor Stochastic Processes... View Profile

Prof Probal Chaudhuri

Professor Research interest includes Robust and Nonparametri... View Profile

Prof Rudra Pada Sarkar

Professor Harmonic Analysis on Lie Groups... View Profile

Prof Debashish Goswami

Professor Operator algebra, Noncommutative geometry, Quantum... View Profile

Prof Mahuya Datta

Professor Differential Topology (Global Analysis), Algebraic... View Profile

Prof Gopal Krishna Basak

Professor Stochastic Processes and Their Inferential Aspects... View Profile

Prof Anil Kumar Ghosh

Professor Nonparametric and Robust Statistics, Statistical P... View Profile

Prof Swagato Kumar Ray

Professor Harmonic Analysis on Lie groups... View Profile

Prof Ritabrata Munshi

Professor Number theory... View Profile

Prof Krishanu Maulik

Associate Professor Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes, Inte... View Profile

Prof Mrinal Kanti Das

Associate Professor Algebra... View Profile

Prof Biswaranjan Behera

Associate Professor Wavelet Analysis... View Profile

Prof Arijit Chakrabarty

Associate Professor Probability and stochastic processes, Extreme valu... View Profile

Prof Neena Gupta

Associate Professor Commutative algebra, Affine Algebraic Geometry... View Profile

Prof Rajat Subhra Hazra

Associate Professor Random matrix theory, Gaussian free fields, Free p... View Profile

Prof Kingshook Biswas

Associate Professor Dynamical Systems... View Profile

Dr Paramita Das

Assistant Professor Operator Algebra, Subfactors and Planar Algebras... View Profile

Dr Shamindra Kumar Ghosh

Assistant Professor Operator algebras, Subfactor theory... View Profile

Dr Jyotishman Bhowmick

Assistant Professor Noncommutative Geometry, Quantum Groups... View Profile

Dr Satadal Ganguly

Assistant Professor Number theory, Automorphic Forms... View Profile

Dr Samik Basu

Assistant Professor Algebraic Topology... View Profile