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Prof Manash Ranjan Gupta

Professor Growth theory, Development Economics... View Profile

Prof Samarjit Das

Professor Time Series Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, ... View Profile

Prof Indraneel Dasgupta

Professor Microeconomic theory, Development economics, Publi... View Profile

Prof Manoranjan Pal

Professor Poverty, Inequality and Growth, Nutrition and Grow... View Profile

Dr Soumyanetra Munshi

Associate Professor Political Economy, Public Economics, Microeconomic... View Profile

Dr Souvik Roy

Associate Professor Game theory, Mechanism design, Algebraic graph the... View Profile

Mr Anuj Bhowmik

Associate Professor General Equilibrium Theory, Game Theory, Network T... View Profile

Mr Debayan Pakrashi

Associate Professor Applied Microeconomics with particular interest in... View Profile

Dr Brati Sankar Chakraborty

Associate Professor Theory of International Trade, Macroeconomics... View Profile

Dr Priyadarshi Banerjee

Associate Professor Microeconomic Theory and Experimental Economics... View Profile

Mr Raju Maiti

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Discrete-valued time series analysis, Dynamic Trea... View Profile

Dr Chandana Ghosh

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, Public finance, Indian Economy:... View Profile

Prof Abhirup Sarkar

Professor (HAG) Economic Development, International Trade, Politic... View Profile

Prof Manipushpak Mitra

Professor (HAG) Econometrics, Game theory, Industrial organization... View Profile

Prof Amita Majumder

Retired Professor Analysis of consumer, Household behaviour, Index n... View Profile

Prof Nityananda Sarkar

Retired Professor Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, etc. ... View Profile

Prof Satya Ranjan Chakravarty

Retired Professor Welfare Economics, Inequality, Poverty, Polirizaio... View Profile

Prof Tarun Kabiraj

Retired Professor Industrial organization, Joint venture, Merger, Re... View Profile